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With an aim to meet all set targets and commercial ideals, SDTV’ new state of the art Terminals criteria’s are:

- An improved vessels turn around by fast and efficient unloading of cereals and fertilizers.

- A closed system to control air pollution and cargo spillage

- Reducing cargo pilferage losses during unloading process

Discharge of Bulk Fertilizer


The Fertilizer discharge starts with the LMH 250 Liebherr Shore Crane of 69T SWL and 21MT/Scoop grabs unloading 600MT/H on average for fertilizer and 8000MT/Day for other Commodities. The fertilizer station Belt Conveyor and the Rail Mounted Shore Gantry hoppers have full flexibility with the sequences of vessel-silo and bagging simultaneously set at 600 T/H and cargo transferred to the 40.000 Mt silo. Bagging Station Lines 7 – 12 can synchronized on direct ship discharge line and silo option at nominal capacity of 45MT/HR per Line and 4000 MT/Day on average.

Discharge of Bulk Grain


The discharge of bulk commodities from vessels is fully automated under very close monitoring process in the control room that operates 24h daily (FHINC). Grain discharge operation is mainly managed by the two pneumatic Shore Unloaders each achieving 300 T/H or 8000 T/Day on average sent either to bagging station (direct delivery basis) lines 1 – 6 which are calibrated to 50 kg bags for bagging and stacking cargo on trucks. The system can be synchronized for the partial storage of the cargo in silo facility of 30.000 metric tons dedicated solely to grain.