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The fixed bagging lines


The bagging section which has 12 fixed bagging lines subdivided to grain & fertilizer stations. The grain bagging station lines no.1 to no.6 synchronized on direct ship discharge and silo option at nominal capacity of 60 MT/HR per Line and 6000 MT/Day on average. Fertilizer bagging station lines no.7 to no.12 synchronized on direct ship discharge line and silo option at nominal capacity of 45MT/HR per Line and 4000 MT/Day on average.

Grain silo bagging three fixed lines


The fixed bagging station located rear grain silo is dedicated to grain silo bagging and stacking on trucks. It has three lines that each bag 60 MT/ H per line and 3000 MT/Day on average. It serves as a backup solution which creates the advantage of using flat bed silo by handling multiple client cargoes under segregation whilst vessel operation undergoes independently.

Liebherr LHM 250


Grab crane has a lifting capacity of 69 MT operating a 21 MT per scoop achieving 600MT/Hour. This crane is more often used on the fertilizer. It discharges an average of 600MT/H OR 6000MT/Day for fertilizer and 8000MT/Day for other commodities. The crane also serves for the lifting of excavators and bulldozer required working on vessels hatches during operations

The Unloading shore equipments


The two pneumatic shore unloaders have each an average capacity of 300 T/H and 8000 T/Day on average. These unloaders are dedicated to the discharge of grain through several belt conveyor systems sending

The mobile bagging gantries


Mobile bagging gantries are suitable for handling both bulk grain and fertilizer at SDTV and are also an option on other conventional berths. Mobile unloading unit’s process uses 2 double hoisting rope remote controlled grabs with tare of 7t on synchronized operation with vessel crane of SWL 25t for 8mt/cargo scoop. These units are equipped with 3 bagging lines each releasing 20 bags of 50 kg per minute.