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Sheik Abdulrahman O.S. Al Amoudi

Chief Executive Officer

Talented businessman and a brilliant leader. Designed a robust enterpreneural venture by SDTV from vision to startup and a profitable significant business, improving the life standards of all SDTV employees and contributing to the social and economic growth of the host country.

With organizational strategy, vision and corporate governance at heart, he endeavors to uphold company leadership development and maintains constant awareness of both the external and internal expansion landscape and opportunities. Sheik Abdulrahman’s humility and humanity brings him closer to all the employees of the Company.



Mohamed Alwahabi Suleiman

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
The main player and pioneer of SDTV establishment. A change agent fuel-injected with enthusiasm complimented with envisioned approach to execute game-changing turnarounds FAST. An outstanding negotiator integrating change across the board to deliver phenomenal profits revenue and sustainable business growth.

Eng. Bizuneh Mulugeta

Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Head of Facility Operations and Technical
A pioneer of our first bulk terminal construction in Djibouti, has successfully managed designing, engineering and installation process of a very innovative turn-key SDTV project. Currently leads part of the engineering design development team-building interfaces and user comfort to manage our core business in the dry bulk industry.An aggressive and multi-tasked dedicator who supervises and coordinates Maintenance & IT departments. In particular enjoys an excellent liaison role with SDTV major Ethiopian Accounts.



Peter Were

Operations Manager & Deputy Chief Facility Operations and Technical
A pioneer and very dynamic force of SDTV operations bringing along a wide berth of experience in the Global Maritime Practices of Port Logistics, Shipping and Bulk Cargo Handling Industry.

He led, inspired and built a cohesive, knowledgeable operations team in SDTV ignited to excel in the multi-focused liberalized market zeroing on specifics.