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Bulk Terminal Facilities

With a total vicinity of 42 000 m2, SDTV Terminal occupies a quayside length of 390 meters covering berth 14th and 15th. Its Air draft of 13 meters corresponds to the height of the two vessels unloading shore NIVs. The Grain dedicated Berth 15th LOA is of 200 meters and its draft of 11.75 meters. The Fertilizer dedicated Berth 14th LOA is of 190 meters and a draft of 11.75 meters.


Each of the flat silos can accommodate up to four different products and/or different clients cargoes using removable concrete partition slabs. Operations process is monitored and set up by a central control room where operational data can be consulted at any time. CCTV scanning and surveillance hi-tech system is installed and attended 24 hours to safeguard client’s commodities and company’s facilities, property and staff.

SDTV team is composed of experienced managers, engineers, technicians and other skilled operating teams available around full time on the ground to meet customers requirements at all levels.

The Mobile equipments heavy duty workshop insuring quality service and preventive maintenance is also part of the Terminal main complex and is ready to attend any failure of machineries to reduce time loss during operations.

The Main Administrative Block is of over 20 offices including the reception offers the staff & management professionally equipped offices. The Terminal well furnished Conference Room is when necessary at the disposal of Terminal main clients.