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The republic of Djibouti occupies a unique geostrategic position at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula on the second most used sea route for the international trade.

The Port of Djibouti, main economic lung of the country has during the last decade awarded Sheik Mohamed Hussein Al Amoudi a concession agreement for the development and management of a dry bulk commodities handling Terminal.

SDTV Bulk Terminal a state of the art environment friendly facility was realized and started its activities on 2006. The Terminal was granted exclusivity over dry bulk cargo. As its main complex is located at piers 14th and 15th of the Djibouti Port SDTV was given the priority on these berths usage.

SDTV invested in highly automated vessels unloading shore equipments and programmable bagging system. The bagging system can be synchronized to allow ongoing discharge operations and serve two functions concurrently. It enables loading the bagging hoppers for final dispatch into bagged cargo on trucks and simultaneously diverting some cargo to storage.

SDTV motto is to provide excellent service to its clients and deliver goods as quickly and efficiently possible with the outmost care. For that, it disposes of 235 highly experienced and qualified staffs dispatched in three shifts to sustain 24/7 operations. On site teams compositions are always tailored to optimize everyday operations.

Likewise, SDTV management of whom the vision is to develop and expand the Terminal constantly invested on additional equipments and facilities. For instance, SDTV invested in new extension construction of 6 additional warehouses, a heavy duty workshop and required offices for these facilities. SDTV will acquire new reinforcement equipments for operations requirements.

In addition of being efficiency and result oriented, SDTV management also values human resources and gives a particular attention to safety, health and environment aspects. Company created an Environmental Management System which is in process of implementing ISO 14001 standards.

Likewise, SDTV management social commitment materialized in the creation of the Al Amoudi Charity Trust Fund. A fund beneficiating from the disbursement of 0.25 US dollars by each ton of commodity Terminal handles and dedicated to Djibouti Port Dock Workers living standards improvement. This fund is used for micro-credits program for Dock workers spouses, educational support for their children, training of young Dockers and periodical distribution of food aids to Dock workers.